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About BERSN -- PHILIPS Formal Authorization Document


About BERSN - PHILIPS Formal Authorization Document

      In 2009, Shenzhen BERSN photoelectric
co., LTD., became philips OEM strategic partner in China, and was authorized to
Elite MWFortimo LED etc. It is the largest OEM partner of Philips in China.

      Since 2006 when Philips CosmoPolis put on the market, global sales did not reach 1 million until September 2010 because of its price and strategy. To celebrate this achievement, Philips held an  global outstanding contribution award ceremony in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The ceremony is especially for five outstanding teams from different countries. Shenzhen BERSN photoelectric co., LTD is one of the five as it is the only company in the Asia-Pacific region who sales 20000 lamps during June to September in 2010. Another is the Asia-Pacific China OEM management team. It won the prize because it has discovered and managed customers like BERSN.

Evaluation: 1. Philips first gave its award to a Chinese enterprise, and it is a small  company.

                2. It is the first time Philips gave its award to its internal organ.

                3. It is the first time Philips arranged its Annual meeting of the Asia Pacific region in mainland China, Shanghai.



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