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        --- Launch across the LED drive power supply
        As HID electronic ballasts professional manufacturers and OEM suppliers, shenzhen platinum victory photoelectric co., LTD. Has a strong research and development strength, abundant capital, technology, complete production equipment, in keeping the HID electronic ballasts under the condition of normal production, begin from 2010, the company research and development, trial production of the LED drive power, spend a lot of money and manpower, under the support of PHILIPS company, products have been completed all of the small batch trial-produce, part of the model has, over more than production.

       Product series:
       Small power 1-3 w, 3-5 w, 5-7 w, 7 -, 9-12 w, 9 w 14 to 18 w, 18 to 24 w, 28-36 w;
       In the power of 30 w, 40 w, 50 w, 60 w, 70 w, 80 w;
       High power 100 w, 100 w, 150 w, 160 w, 150 w, 200 w, 240 w,
       LED power supply products from ac AC220V to DC12V, 24 v dc, segregated from isolation type to the type, from the series and parallel to the string of combining, from low to high voltage low voltage and high current electrical current, from the time the dimmer, the PWM, DAC remote control interface, the solution is complete, a wide variety, can satisfy various customers' needs.
      Welcome the masses of customers ordering!


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