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                           Remote wireless intelligent control

BERSN radio remote control system for street lighting
1. Description
     Central control room’s computer sends controlling command to a concentrator through the Internet and GPRS, in this way, lamp switched on and off, dimming function control, and the related data collection of current, voltage, temperature, to achieve efficient operation, save costs, reduce energy consumption, humanized management etc.
     The system combine radio frequency, electric power carrier, the unit of street lights low power mesh network, realize the high pressure sodium lamp, LED、COSMO, energy-saving lamps and other lighting cluster management.
     Through the terminal node controller, for street lamp brightness control and switch control, at the same time to collect information such as street lamp voltage, current, temperature, such as remote lamp state diagnosis, fault alarm.

2. Components
The system can be divided into three parts: Monitoring center, Concentrator, Node controller
(1) Monitoring center is equipped with at least one computer is connected to the Internet, through monitoring software and dedicated server (server can bring your own), used to monitor the state street lamps, control single lamp and one or more set of street light switch or adjust the power. Control mode can be man-made operation, control at any time, also can set up rules to automatically.
The system can realize humanization, intelligent management, according to the need to adjust the street lamp power and illumination time, thus saving energy consumption, reduce the site supervising cost. (The built-in free Google map, can be marked on the map lamps position, through color can distinguish between different state).
(2) Concentrator configurable for GPRS Communication module and RF module, node controller and installed at the scene of the street lamp, can easily remote monitoring center to collect and monitor the system.
      One concentrator can be managed 250 Sets of Street lamp, have an independent system serial number and other similar lamp, a city or a road, can configure multiple concentrator, and could theoretically management infinite of street lamps (concentrator built-in lightning protection power supply module, waterproof grade is IP65).
(3) Node controller (or control terminal) can be independent (connected with adjustable light electrical appliances), can also be and electrical integration, integration, installed in the electrical compartment of lamps and lanterns, can automatic network, tree, rally to transfer data.
Node controller consists of 2 series、6 models:
* Wireless series: I/O Single stage、1-10V、PWM;
* Power carrier series: I/O Single stage、1-10V、PWM.
           HID lamps with dimmable electronic ballasts needed, LED lights be equipped with dimmable constant current driver
 (LED constant-current source used DAC 1-10V or PWM electrodeless dimming/ HID electronic ballasts used single stage dimming mode)

                                                      (dimmer control line access node controller)

3. Working principle and Structure

Remote wireless intelligent control system (8-1)

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