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       Shenzhen BERSN Opto-electronics Co., Ltd is PHLIPS China OEM strategic cooperation partners, is the pioneer of promotion new light source, take the lead in introducing the solar street light system and street light energy-saving renovation project, at present, it has been widely used in many provinces in China. Our company to research and development, the production of ac, dc, can be regular dimming electronic ballast series, realize the intelligent control and remote control function, after transforming the energy conservation and environmental protection, safe and reliable lighting engineering, compared with the traditional high pressure sodium lamp, energy-saving rate can reach 65%!!

                                      PHILIPS SON-T PIA Eco

     SON-T PIA Eco is Philips new energy-saving efficient high pressure sodium lamp, on the basis of high photosynthetic efficiency technology, by reducing the power consumption, to achieve simple lighting, can be directly applied to the mass of renovation project. Eco instead of the traditional high pressure sodium lamp light source can be applied to the reform of energy efficient lighting project.

                              Advantages and characteristics:

                             §Simple and convenient replacement,future development.
                             ·Size is the same as ordinary high pressure sodium lamp;
                             ·Match normal sodium lamp electrical and variable power dimming system;
                             ·Three sizes:130W/220W/360W,respectively replace the normal sodium 
                               lamp 150W/250W/400W,suitable  for large quantities transformation project.
                            §The luminous flux is the same as ordinary lamp, but the power reduction up to
                              13%, and  obvious energy saving effect.
                            §The same brightness and reliable performance, and ensure road safety, improve 
                              the  quality of  life.
                             ·Using philips PIA integrated antenna technology, reduce the power consumption of the
                              system, but without    sacrificing the brightness of the road and visibility, thereby ensuring 
                              the safety of the road;
                            ·Solid getter device technology,slow light failure , have a constant and lumen maintenance
                              ratio, ensuring high performance and reliable life;
                            ·32000 hours long life,ensuring safe and reliable road lighting. 

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130W SON-T Eco

SON-T PIA Eco 130W





220W SON-T Eco

SON-T PIA Eco 220W





360W SON-T Eco

SON-T PIA Eco 360W





SON-T Eco Lighting energy saving strategy (4-1)

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